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Hey! I'm Nancy

I'm an open book, fun loving, foodie, mother of 1 human child & 1 dog, travel-obsessed kinda girl!

I'm based in the idyllic village of Dunster in the South West with my fiancée, son and lurcher. I enjoy nothing more than going onto the hills with my family and capturing images of natures best. I also love a cup of tea and a good book to immerse myself in. I have been practicing the art of photography for over 12 years now and captured my first wedding in 2012 - I haven't looked back since...

I'm in love with capturing the memories in photographs, and I've always been known as the girl to get the snaps, from family holidays to spending time with my friends, I love to document those special moments! It makes me so happy that I can call this my job, and share my love of photography with others! ​

My photography style is perfect for couples looking for natural, relaxed, yet elegant photographs. I love to document fun and madly in love couples, on the best day of their lives! I take artistic photographs for you to treasure and capture those natural and funny moments that make you smile.  

My favourite time of day to shoot is golden hour before sunset! I love to whisk the bride and groom off quickly just before the suns setting as you can't beat that gorgeous warm glow as seen frequently in my photography! 

Every wedding day is a love story to be captured, my inspiration for photographing these beautiful days stems from my grandparents. They were married for 60 years and everyday they worked at it, they made each other smile, they made each other cry, they made each other feel like they where the only person in the world that mattered, when someone asks what does love look like and how do you capture it? I look at the photo of my grandparents and see the way he looked at her at the beginning of their marriage and how he still looked at her that same way 60 years on...

Find someone who looks at you like this, not just on your wedding but everyday.

My aim is to capture as many of these moments and what 'true love' is in my lifetime. 

Wedding Wishes,
Nancy x

I love new friends!

Get in contact. Let's chat about your adventures, love story, and share a laugh together.

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Three adjectives that describe me:

adventurous, outgoing, determined


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