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Your Golden Hour Guide

I’m much more of a sunset person than a sunrise, you’ll find me walking to the best viewpoints in summer to just enjoy the sun go down and watch in awe as the sky creates a ray of amazing colours.

We live just by the deer park in Dunster and my most favourite place to view a sunset is Bats castle. To make your way up there you have to weave and wonder through the most magical woodland area. There’s something about seeing streams of light shining through the trees, silhouetting figures, feeling the warmth on your face heightens your excitement to reach the top and watch a once in a lifetime view.

Even in my own personal images, whether we’re on holiday, at home, on a walk or heading out for a picnic I just love capturing memories with a sunset backdrop.

As you can also see by my weddings or shoots, if I can grab the couple during golden hour it is the most exciting part of the day for me. The quietness and stillness it brings, the beauty in everything when those golden rays hit the back drop, it brings everything alive in such a beautiful way… It truly is a photographer’s dream. However, you have to work quick as magical lighting like this doesn’t last long! So, I have put together a guide throughout the year of the perfect times and what to expect if you’re planning your wedding or wanting to create your own sunset shots!

Tip Before You Start:

Whether it's your wedding day or personal photos, make sure to look at your BBC weather app to confirm times and predicted weather and plan ahead your location for those shots! Long grass and sea backgrounds are always a favourite for me.

January - 3.20pm (Sunsets 4.20pm)

A great time of year for glowing afternoons, but it gets dark quickly, so when planning your day, remember if you want golden hour shots that this would have to be done quite early in the day!

February - 4.20pm (Sunsets 5.20pm)

We're seeing more daylight now so the day feels a little longer, but golden hour can often fall over the wedding breakfast.

March - 5.10pm (Sunsets 6.10pm)

Times vary a lot this month as the summer approaches & clocks go forward! We're finally into those longer evenings…

April - 7.00pm (Sunsets 8.00pm)

Longer evenings and golden hour usually fit in perfectly with after dinner drinks. A great time for gorgeous golden hour candid’s! Also perfect for after work walks and capturing some nice shots on your phone of you & your family.

May - 7.50pm (Sunsets 8.50pm)

One of the prettiest months when all of the blossoms are out, the grass is luscious, and golden hour is at its prime with gorgeous spring sunsets!

June - 8.20pm (Sunsets 9.20pm)

The evenings are much longer and warmer! Perfect for photos with everyone later in the evening at a wedding, as the party starts.

July - 8.30pm (Sunsets 9.30pm)

Height of summer… The longest evenings this month, and the sunsets last a long time so expect it to be light even past 9.30pm, with a blue/pinky glow late into the evening.

August - 7.30pm (Sunsets 8.30pm)

The evenings are starting to draw back, quickly now, and later in the month we’re losing the light much earlier.

September - 6.20pm (Sunsets 7.20pm)

September, also known as Indian summer, don’t worry golden hour is still at its prime, we see some gorgeous sunsets this month, and they're at a perfect timing for after dinner photos at a wedding.

October - 6:10pm (Sunsets 7.10pm)

Much shorter evenings, and the timings vary a lot this month as the clocks change again! A great time of year to get sparkler shots in the evening as it's dark quickly.

November - 3.15pm (Sunsets 4.15pm)

We're truly into winter and seeing much shorter days again, expect golden hour to be early afternoon, and loose light by dinner.

December - 2.50pm (Sunsets 3.50pm)

At this time of year light is short, so planning photos around the light is imperative. Make sure you allow time in the middle of the day as there’s not much flexibility.

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